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Veteran Sponsor

Anyone can donate a hardship or multiple hardship plaques directly from the website. After you place an order you will be contacted to inform you of the name of the soldier/soldiers that the donation funded and the profiles will be set up automatically with an option to have your name/logo/link on each Soldiers profile that you were the donor for.
If you are interested in being an Individual Sponsor please download, complete and submit/email this form (
This file is in PDF format)
For immediate purchase using your credit card press here.
"If I'm sponsoring for a specific soldier what happens after I've made my donation?" (Please read here for more information)

Hardship Donation
Hardship Status includes by default Oregon MIA and Oregon KIA soldiers plus those that have completed the Hardship Application and have been approved. All Donation Plaques will go to create a Plaque, QR Code and Digital Profile for our Hardship Status Veterans. Veterans that qualify but are unable to purchase the plaque due to financial hardship or if you like to have more

information please contact us at (541) 672-9716 or e-mail us at

Project Sponsor

Anyone can donate any sum for the overall project construction including maintenance on the memorial and upkeep on the various cost related items. For these donations anything $2000 and over will be a featured donor and will have the option of having a logo and/or link on the Sponsors page.
If you are interested in being an Business Sponsor please download, complete and submit/email this form (This file is in PDF format)
For immediate sponsorship using your credit card press here.

Gold Sponsors

Ram Tech.png

Oregon Tek
David Hu
Umpqua Sand And Gravel

Silver Sponsors

Robert E. Johnson
Tim Allen Equipment
Eoff electrical supply
Birch Construction
Lee Properties

Cow Creek Band Umpqua Tribe of Indians
Oregon Tool & Supply
State Rep Bruce Hanna
State Rep Tim Freeman
DC Sherrif Inmate work crews

Steve Bennett Consulting LLC
Bill Markham Oregon State Legislator 1969-1999
Don's Powder Coating
Steel Outlet

Bronze Sponsors

Bill Hamman
Bill Schmidt
Cascade Community Credit Union

Dirk and Mary Kruysman
Doctor Mark Hamm
Hugh (Krampy) O'Brian

Thacker Wallace VFW Post 9744
Toxic Kustoms
Umpqua Insurance Agency, Inc

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