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Q. If I donate is it a "Tax Right Off?"
A. Yes the VFW Post 2468 is a registered non-profit and any donated hardship plaques qualify as a tax deductible donation.

Q. What if I need to change my Profile?
A. If your profile needs to be changed please contact the Remembrance Wall administrator at

Q. What if I don't have an official Military Picture?
A. We accept any picture that the Veteran or Family can provide as long as it follows our Picture Guidelines.

Q. I have a picture but how do I get it to you if I don't have a digital copy?
A. We have partnered up with some local businesses to get your photo scanned at the right resolution. Visit the Following Locations and mention the VFW remembrance wall or Print out our Picture Guidelines page. You can also have someone help you scan the picture by following the Picture Guidelines.

Q. Do you accept Checks?
A. We do accept checks and after payment will email or mail your log-in details so you can set up the Veteran Profile. Without setting up the profile the Plaque will not get made. The easiest way is to pay by Debit or Credit Card as you will automatically go to your new profile. For Check payments, mail or deliver to the VFW Post 2468, 1127 Walnut Street, Roseburg, OR 97470.

Q. What if I don't have a bio or don't want one?
A. That is fine, your profile will simply reflect the information that is on the plaque and will still be part of the Online Directory and QR code system.

Q. Is there any monthly fees or hidden charges for the website profile?
A. No. The cost of the plaque includes the cost for the online profile, there are no hidden charges or monthly fees to keep the profile up on the site.

Q. How does it work if I donate for a Hardship Plaque?
A. On our Purchase page we have an application for Hardship status, we also collect applications for veterans listed as MIA,KIA or POW and local VFW members that request a hardship status. People that donate will have their name if they choose displayed on the Hardship Veterans Profile. When we receive a donated Plaque we select from this group and award a hardship plaque.

Q. What does it mean when you say Hardship Status?
A. Any Veteran or Family that can not afford a Plaque but Qualifies for one and submits a hardship application is considered for Hardship Status.

Q. What happens after I've made my Individual Sponsorship donation?
A. With your $150 payment you are purchasing a Physical Plaque with Unique QR Code on the VFW Remembrance Wall located at the VFW Post 2468. You will also get a Digital Remembrance Profile that will include the same information on the Plaque, the Veterans Picture as well as any additional information that is added to the profile.


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