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How It Works


The Physical Veterans of Foreign Wars Remembrance Wall is located at 1127 Walnut Street, Roseburg, OR 97470


This wall is unique as it is one of a few in the country that offers a laser etched plaque as well as a QR Code that is on the Physical Plaque. When someone uses a smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code they are taken to the Soldiers Digital Profile on the website. Having the website profile allows for more photos, bio and information than can go on the physical plaque.
Once you purchase a plaque for yourself or another Veteran you will be given a profile to manage and upload your photo and put in the Bio and other relevant information needed to complete the profile. Once saved the profile will generate the QR code to be laser etched onto the plaque and anyone visiting the physical wall will simply scan the code to be taken to the hero's profile page.
We also have a Soldier Locator QR code displayed at the physical wall that directs you to the directory to search for the soldier's profile. Viewing the soldier's profile will show you where the plaque is located on the wall to easily locate the loved ones plaque.

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